Women’s Self-Defense Classes in Irmo – What You Need to Know

Martial arts for women

Women’s Self-Defense Classes can come from a variety of disciplines–but if you truly want to learn self-defense the right way, martial arts is a no-brainer! There’s so much more to our self-defense program than what you see in the movies, including psychology lessons on danger awareness and hidden mental benefits that may surprise you. Read on for some basic self-defense tips and to learn more about our self-defense program in Irmo!


Self-Defense Classes – The Basics

Pre School Karate Classes in Irmo“Women’s Self-Defense Classes” is kind of a loose term. Some people hear the words “self-defense” and immediately think of violence and guns. Others associate it with legal justifications like, “I did it out of self-defense!” But at BGR8 Martial Arts, our definition of self-defense is using your voice and your actions to protect yourself and others from harm.

This is what makes martial arts self-defense training so different from any others. Self-defense is not just about the physical moves that can protect you, like the punches, kicks, and locks. Psychological development is necessary to stop conflict before it starts, using your intuition to avoid tricky confrontations in the first place.

Becoming brave and confident enough to look someone in the eye and loudly say, “Get your hand off of me” or ”Stop harassing me.” Ultimately, it’s about protecting yourself and your loved ones with as minimal damage as possible.


Women’s Self-Defense Classes

Martial arts for womenMartial arts is truly for everyone and we believe that every man, woman, and child should study it! However, the development of confidence and mental strength are especially helpful for women, who are more likely to find themselves in self-defense situations than their male counterparts.

According to one 2013 study from the University of Oregon, when women took Women’s Self-Defense Classes, they were 3x less likely to be raped and 2x less likely to receive unwanted sexual contact than women who did not take those training. Many factors play into sexual assault, and if you’ve experienced sexual assault, it’s not your fault.

With the help of this study, we know that, for everyone, there are actions we can take to teach ourselves, our daughters, nieces, neighbors, and the women we care about how to use their voices to be heard and de-escalate conflict before it even begins. Girl power!


Self-Defense Tip 1- Keys Between Your Fingers

Best martial arts schoolWomen’s Self-Defense Classes Tip Number One–Keep your car keys between your fingers. It’s dark at night when you’re walking to your car and that’s dangerous. Thankfully, the “keys between your fingers” advice is pretty common knowledge nowadays. If someone came at you, where would you strike? The answer–it’s most effective to go for the leg, to wound your attacker enough to then get yourself to safety.


Self-Defense Tip 2: Staying Calm with Self-Defense

Women's Self-Defense ClassSelf-defense is important to protect yourself from danger. But what may be just as important is knowing how to keep calm in an emergency, so that you can use the self-defense training that you’ve busted your butt to learn.

Since you’re reading this article, we can assume that you’ve watched a YouTube video or two on self-defense. Without regular practice or a professional to show you the way, that information is going to slip away. Plus, without practice, you’ll likely panic and lose your common sense in the moment.

If you’re walking down the street or just in the wrong place at the wrong time, can you effectively use self-defense without proper practice? If you haven’t gained real-life experience in self-defense from dedicated instructors who live and breathe this stuff, the answer is probably no.

Mastering the moves every week until they’re muscle memory gives our martial arts students a huge advantage over any other sport, not to mention killer self-discipline. After years of self-defense classes near me, our students can sniff out “bad situations” and avoid them, protecting themselves and their loved ones from harm in the first place.

Long story short, knowing martial arts will give you a huge advantage in protecting yourself. But knowing where to find self-defense classes for women near me is the best way to protect yourself.


Self-Defense Tip 3: Self-Defense Classes

Martial arts for womenSo these tips have been awesome, and you can probably search more if you want to. But what’s not on the Internet is an instructor dedicated to you and your unique understanding of how to protect yourself. Adrenaline will kick in in a high-stress situation and if you haven’t attended formal self-defense classes, you may panic and lose your sense of what to do. Self-defense classes with BGR8 Martial Arts are the number one way for you to learn how to protect yourself and the people you love.

Self-defense classes at Irmo can help you build the physical strength required to protect yourself as much as they can help build mental strength, stamina, and confidence that you never knew you had. See for yourself how BGR8 Martial Arts self-defense classes can change your life as it’s changed so many other students’ lives–our risk-free trial is the way to go! You’ll love it!


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